The Complete Aesthetic EMR Solution

Who We Are

Calysta Pro EMR was built and designed by Dr. Hardik Soni, who has treated countless patients over the years in minimally invasive and non-invasive cosmetic procedures. With over a decade of experience in aesthetic medicine, Dr. Soni understands the unique pain points and needs of running and growing a medical aesthetic practice. By partnering with a team of proven software development wizards, Dr. Soni developed Calysta Pro EMR, the complete software solution perfect for any aesthetic practice. No other tool provides the perfect fit for aesthetic practices the way Calysta Pro does, while doing so at a cost much more affordable than similar tools on the market. Calysta Pro EMR provides a premium experience at an affordable cost, and our team is always looking to expand and grow Calysta Pro solutions.

Our Vision

Dr. Soni and the rest of us at Calysta Pro EMR believe that growing an aesthetic practice requires an absolute commitment to patient care and experience. We want to equip as many practices as possible with the single, complete solution they need to truly launch their clinic and team, and provide the highest-quality service to all clients in their area. By simplifying the business elements of your clinic, we empower you to reach greater heights with your services and patients. We strive to create a software solution that is simple yet advanced, comprehensive in features yet minimal in design. And we understand that no tool is perfect, which is why we promise to work with our partnered clinics and solve whatever issue or concern they may have. Calysta Pro EMR will constantly evolve to be the best fit it can be for both practices and patients.

The Calysta Pro EMR Guarantee

Calysta Pro EMR is the complete aesthetic EMR partner to help you grow your practice and clinic. The Calysta Pro solution provides aesthetic practices with the complete tool they need to truly expand their business, led by aesthetic industry veterans and a dynamic development team to solve your most unique and pressing problems.

By partnering with Calysta Pro, we can guarantee you:

* Fast updates from a dedicated development team that can solve the most pressing issues in real-time
* A constant commitment to solving new and unexpected issues, creating a tool that will evolve over time
* Exclusively serving aesthetic clinics, avoiding unnecessary feature bloat
* The first tool offering peer-to-peer software for reviews and enhancements